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Leg Extension /Leg Curl Acostado.Maquina Dual

Leg Extension /Leg Curl Acostado.Maquina Dual
Leg Extension /Leg Curl Acostado.Maquina Dual
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This Inflight Multi Leg Extension-Leg Curl Machine (CT-MEC) is a must-have for any serious commercial, private or home-gym. It allows users to concentrate tension on the thighs from a comfortable seated position, or the hamstrings in an easy lying position. Inflight Fitness is a brand people trust because theyíre renowned for their craftsmanship.

Exceptional value, biomechanical engineering and high quality user experience that make it much safer to sculpt the legs. People donít have to rely on free weights or dealing with lower body exercises that may be dangerous for them at their current fitness levels. Furthermore, this machine is ideal for anyone dealing with both sides of the spectrum Ė recovering from injury or needing to train with heavy weight safely.


Inflight Leg Extension-Curl Specifications

The specifications can get a bit deep, so letís focus on things like impressive A500 grade framing with massive tensile strength. The construction is top of the line and hard to be anywhere else in the industry. This is 21st century equipment that comes from a brand that used to manufacture high-end commercial airplane equipment!

Because sitting and lying on the upholstery come into play, Inflight has embedded nothing but the best. Powder coating hatís been electrostatically applied. Highly scuff and tear resistant to the extreme which helps the machine keep its stylish look for so long. Itís comfortable and doesnít soak up sweat.

From the bearings and cables that can withstand up to 4200 pounds, to the guiding rods and fasteners the construction is astounding and reliable.


Additional Benefits & Features

Every aspect of the experience for the user is precision-ergonomics. Posture is crucial especially when working the lower body with heavier weights. There are handle bars to keep the body in place in both positions. The back, especially the lower back, is always protected. The grips also a slip resistant and donít soak in sweat either so everything is really easy to clean.

This is an ideal machine to add to a lower body circuit. Itís compact with a smaller footprint than other brands and is super easy to use. Everything in in reach and itís easy to get on and off of. Altogether the Inflight Multi Leg Extension-Leg Curl Machine (CT-MEC) only weighs in at 413 lbs. including the weight stack with up to 200lbs.


Inflight Warranty Information

Those are only a small sampling of the specification and benefits that come with Inflight Fitness equipment. First off, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty! Thatís pretty much a deal-sealer right there. After that it gets better with the parts being under warranty for the first year which is enough to bring to the surface any manufacturing glitches.

If youíre in need of the perfect machine to compliment your lower body machine circuit, go with Inflight Multi Leg Extension-Leg Curl Machine (CT-MEC) because you get the best equipment and the best deals every time.


  • Smooth Movement - Extensive use of 1" shafts and ABEC rated ball bearings at exercise pivot points assures smooth movement.
  • Frame - All frames feature 2" x 4" attractive flat oval tubing electrostatically powder coated a rich platinum color that complements modern cardio equipment.
  • Exercise Placards Included - All machines come with easy to understand exercise instruction placards.
  • Grips - Non-absorbent, UV resistant, closed cell foam grips are finished with machined aluminum grip caps to prevent wear while looking great.
  • Comfort - Seat & back pads are 40 - 45 durometer HR foam contoured for comfort and lumbar support with sewn vinyl covers for a tailored look.
  • Steel Weight Plates - The cast steel weight plates are warranted for life against breakage. They move on 1" rubber capped floating guide rods with self-aligning plastic bushings and rubber weight stack cushions at the base to reduce noise.
  • Easy Maintenance - Cable tension is easily maintained with the cam washer above the weight stack.


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