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Leg Press Accesory

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New for 2011 
  •  Realistic Tension  
  • Simulate real movements. 
  • Improved Safety  
  • Stopper had been added for safety during exercise. 
  •  Each Workbench Accessory is designed to fit many Powertec Workbench models.
  •  This high quality machine accessory provides unique and innovative new workout stations to your existing Workbench.
  •  Each accessory is precise in function for all types of users.
  •  It is designed to provide easy in-and-out access at a very affordable price.
  •  Workbench Power Rack (WB-PR11), Half Rack (WB-HR11) and Functional Trainer (WB - FT11) require a Utility Bench (WB-UB 11) to use the accessory.
  •  Shown with the Functional Trainer (WB-FT11) and Utility Bench (WB-UB11).
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