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Abductor/Adductor Dual-Multi Inner/Outer

Abductor/Adductor Dual-Multi Inner/Outer
Abductor/Adductor Dual-Multi Inner/Outer
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The Inflight Fitness Multi Inner and Outer Thigh Machine makes it possible to work the part of the lower body most often neglected. Furthermore, in average everyday life itís hard to work these and what people end up with is flab on the inside and no definition on the outside, to the left or right of the major thigh muscles.

Not everyone likes to do squats. Not everyone has the balance and coordination to do tons of dumbbell lunges. This machine makes it possible to comfortably sit and go from inside to outside continuously. Typically, regardless of how fit someone is, this multi inner and outer thigh machine is going to target the muscle groups with precision and really give them a great workout.


Inner and Out Thigh Machine Features & Specifications

Perfect for big and small gyms alike, Inflight Fitness Multi Inner and Outer Thigh Machine is not only compact and stylish but smooth and silent as well. No annoying mechanical sounds and the movement is fluid. Itís been ergonomically designed for correct sitting posture and the legs work in an ideal range of motion. Another feature is the stability and solid construction. This thing will last forever.

Because Inflight Fitness used to be a renowned aircraft parts manufacturer, everything from the weights and cables to the pulley system and seating is made with the finest components and durable craftsmanship.

  • Weíre talking world class gym equipment for an affordable price from a powerhouse reputable company.
  • The cables can withstand up to 4200lbs of pressure which is far more than anyone out there is going to be dealing with too often.
  • The weight stack and pins are within reach and the entire set-up is really comfortable. You could be having a conversation and getting an inner and outer thigh workout like never before in your life!


Additional Benefits of Inflight Fitness Equipment

The technical specifications for this seemingly simple machine would astound you. For example, the finish on the heavy-duty frame has a special powder coating that makes it incredibly resistant to chips, dings and fading. Engineers electrostatically apply a TGIC polyester powder, which is amazing.

The padding and upholstery are all cutting edge. Bearings, cables, pulleys and a frame that can take a beating for decades. In fact, Inflight Fitness guarantees and frame and you get a lifetime warranty on it. Howís that for secure fitness equipment? Upholstery is covered for 90 days as well, so be sure to grab the Inflight Fitness Multi Inner and Outer Thigh Machine to complete your leg workouts!

Parts are covered for the first year which for both commercial and home-gym owners is more than enough to bring any minor manufacturing problems to the surface. Should any be found, Inflight Fitness will take care of it. Thatís amazing!

MULTI-INNER/OUTER 27.25"(W) x 60.5"(L) x 61.75"(H) 69cm x 154cm x 157cm 397 lbs. (180kg) Weight stack 150lbs. (68kg) Padded thigh and ankle supports. Thirteen exercise start positions. Easy access weight stack.

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