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ID PPS-233
Femoral Acostado
Femoral Acostado
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Proformance Plus PPS-233 Prone Leg Curl - The Proformance Plus Prone Leg Curl by TuffStuff allows you to isolate your hamstrings in order to bring up a muscle group that, for many, is a weak point. Theres an old adage that the best physiques are the ones you notice as they walk away from you. The point here is that the muscles we can see when we look in the mirror - chest, shoulders, arms, abdominals, and quadriceps - are the ones we are most likely to focus on in our training. If a lifter is going to neglect an area of his or her physique, odds are the forgotten body part will be one that is only seen from behind - back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. These muscle groups, collectively known as the posterior chain, not only create poor aesthetics when neglected, but skimping on training them can also lead to imbalances and injuries. This is particularly true of the hamstrings in quad dominant athletes, which are ripe for pulls that can force athletes to the bench for weeks, and sometimes months. Whether you want a more balanced physique for athletic or appearance reasons, or both, lying hamstring curls are a great way to target an often overlooked but critically important muscle group.

The feature on the Proformance Plus Prone Leg Curl that stands out the most is the V-bench design, which provides natural support and helps reduce lower back strain. Many athletes will choose leg curls to work their hamstrings over stiff-legged deadlifts or good mornings for the very reason that they should be easier on the lower back, only to experience irritation from poorly designed machines that do not conform to their bodies like this one. The foot roller adjusts with a pop pin and should rest between the bottom of the calves and the heels for the best training effect. Non-slip side handles offer support and control both during the exercise and as you enter and exit the machine. The 220-pound weight stack or optional 295-pound stack offer plenty of weight to challenge even monster squatters and deadlifters.® is the EXCLUSIVE GSA Dealer for Tuff Stuff Fitness Proformance Plus and PRO-XL Sports Performance exercise equipment to the military and government. All Tuff Stuff Fitness products bearing the Exclusive GSA Dealer logo above are on GSA contract exclusively through® GS-07F-0104M through the GSA Advantage program. For GSA quotes and ordering please contact [email protected] or call 1-888-758-7527.

TuffStuff Proformance Plus Prone Leg Curl Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions: 71 L x 36 W x 57 H
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 2 x 4 x 11 gauge oval tube steel construction designed using CAD software
  • Frame Fabrication: Deep penetrating 1/4 MIG welds and Grade 8 ANSI Standard bolts
  • Padding: High density EMR urethane foam padding with 1 premium plywood backing
  • Naugahyde: Commercial grade upholstery treated to resist bacteria, scratches and stains
  • Wear Guards: All Proformance Plus benches come standard with wear guards featuring the TuffStuff logo. Custom logos can be installed for an upcharge
  • Primary Pivot Points: All primary pivot points rotate on 1 solid Stainless Steel axles with 2 sealed and hidden roller bearings
  • V-bench Design: Provides lumbar support to reduce lower back strain
  • Foot Roller: Adjustable with pop pin to accommodate users of different heights
  • Side Handles: Provide support when entering and exiting the apparatus and stability during your set
  • Safety Shrouds: Full length, dual-sided weight stack safety shrouds and custom molded top cover with integrated storage compartment and exercise placard
  • Belt Transport System: High strength Mectral steel reinforced Kevlar® belt transport system
  • Guide Rods: solid steel guide rods are hard chrome plated and polished for smooth performance and durability
  • Weight Stack: Precision 220-pound steel weight stack with machine pressed premium nylon bushings allows smooth and quiet weight stack movement. Also includes patented piggyback add-on weight system with 5 & 10 lb. increments
  • Weight Stack Pin: Lanyard secured, magnetic steel weight stack pin ensures a solid connection for added safety and security
  • Optional: 295-pound weight stack
  • Feet: Includes elevated steel reinforced rubber stabilizer feet that are pre-drilled for floor mounting and help minimize floor indentation and movement while in use
  • Finish: Electrostatically applied 8-step powder coat finish includes 5 separate steel cleaning and preparation steps, pre-powder drying step and oven curing finish step. TuffStuff exceeds the industrys highest standards for corrosion control to provide the ultimate protection for customers such as the US Navy
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below. Custom colors available at an upcharge. Please call or email to inquire
  • Uses: For harsh commercial environments on land or sea
  • Weight: 475 lbs.
  • Assembly: Some assembly may be required
  • Government Purchase: Available for purchase through contracts GSA GS-07F-0104M and CMAS 4-12-78-0066A
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a TuffStuff Proformance Prone Leg Curl?:

  • Strengthen your hamstrings to create a more balanced physique and lessen the incidence of pulls
  • V-bench design provides natural support and helps reduce lower back strain
  • Foot roller adjusts with pop pin to accommodate users of different heights
  • Non-slip side handles offer support and control both during the exercise and as you enter and exit the machine
  • Built to withstand harsh environments including those that include salt air
  • You choose frame and padding colors

Standard Frame Color Options (click below to enlarge)
Proformance Plus Frame Colors 

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