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Functional Trainer-Entrenador Funcional

ID FT-1000
Functional Trainer-Entrenador Funcional
Functional Trainer-Entrenador Funcional
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4:1 Ratio Kit 4:1 Ratio Kit [+$3,900.00]
Tapas protectivas Tapas de Acero Traseras [+$4,900.00]

A space-saving, highly functional piece of workout machinery, the Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer offers the highest level of versatility and functionality that youíll find in a commercial grade fitness machine.  The Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer offers the same workout that multiple machines can provide, all in one easy to use design.

  • A commercial fitness machine that offers all the features of a larger weight trainer in a sleek, compact design, the Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer is the perfect tool for maximizing workouts. 
  • Itís the perfect choice for physical therapy clinics, sports rehab centers or even home gyms, and is designed to stand up to even the most intense workouts.
  • The Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer offers a big value for those looking to maximize their equipment budget.  The highly durable, strong design is virtually maintenance free, and is resistant to scratches, nicks and dings.


Itís an easy solution for those looking for a reliable multi-functional weight-training machine that can be used by all fitness levels.


Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer Features

The Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer comes with two 150 lb. weight stacks, adjustable high/low pulleys and a pull up bar for added resistance.  The Trainer comes with a standard 2:1 cable pull to weight ratio and an optional 4:1 cable pull weight ratio can be added for increased functionality.

The Inflight FT1000 is fully adjustable for a customized workout and is designed to be easy to use and adjust as needed.  Users can perform just about any type of traditional and functional weight training exercise quickly and efficiently, making it the ideal tool for a full body workout.


Additional Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer Benefits

Utilizing the optional 4:1 resistance ratio makes it easy to start with a lower weight, allowing for a smoother, faster movement through the range of motion for those who are interested in a highly focused, functional workout without the intensity of a heavier weight. 

  • This is an important benefit for those who use the Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer in a medical or rehab setting, as it allows the user to experience the full benefit of the movements without having the feel the heavy resistance that most machines offer.
  • The Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer easily fits into very compact spaces, so you never have to sacrifice quality for a smaller option.  The machine can fit into a crowded fitness room or gym, and requires very little maintenance and upkeep to stay looking great and functioning at itís best.


Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer Warranty Info

The Inflight FT1000 Functional Trainer features a lifetime warranty on the frame and weights, and a 1-year limited warranty on all parts.  The upholstery and pads come with a 90-day warranty.

FT1000 Functional Trainer
 62"(W) x 38"(L) x 88"(H) 158cm x 95cm x 222cm
 2 x 150lbs. (2 x 68kg) Standard 
2:1 cable pull to weight ratio.
 Optional 4:1 cable pull kit available. 
 24 exercise heights. 
 Integral step to reach pull-up bar.

Manufactured by:Inflight Fitness
Accessories Included:Chin-up Bar & Integrated Step Comes Standard.
Weight Stack:Dual 150 lb. Weight Stacks. (2:1 Ratio.)
Shrouds:Optional Rear Weight Stack Shrouds For Both Weight Stacks.
Cables:4000 lb Rated Military Spec Cables with Stainless Steel Swaged Ball Ends. Large Diameter Pulleys.
Frame:All Inflight Fitness exercise equipment is constructed of heavy-duty 11 and 12ga structural tubing with an ASTM rating of A500 grade (minimum mechanical properties of 58,000 PSI ultimate tensile strength and 46,000 PSI yield strength). All flanges are a minimum of ľĒ thick. All steel components are machined to a minimum tolerance of +/- .030". All MIG (metal inert gas) welding is in accordance with the following codes and/or standards: 3:1 AWS, A3.0 Welding Terms and Definitions 3.2 AWS Dl.1-81 Structural Welding Code-Steel 3.2 AWS D9.1 Specifications. All TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding is in accordance with Mil-Std-2219. Each piece of equipment is prepared for powder coating with a high-temperature, high-pressure iron phosphate wash to ensure optimum adhesion of the electrostatically applied TGIC polyester powder. The coating is then baked at 375 degrees F and carefully monitored to ensure complete curing. This coating is scuff resistant and long wearing. Technical summaries are determined using 3.0 -5.0 mil powder film over iron-phosphated, pretreated steel using and conforming with the following test methods: ASTM B5965-96, C ASTM D 3451-93, 13 ULDTOV2 organic coatings.
Misc Features:24 pulley adjustments for arm and leg exercises.
Options:Weight Stack Upgrade to 200 or 250 Pounds For Both Weight Stacks. Rear Weight Stack Shrouds For Both Weight Stacks. Custom Logos. Custom Upholstery. 4:1 Weight Ratio Upgrade Kit.
Dimensions (LxWxH):38" L x 62" W x 88" H
Commercial Warranty:Bearings, guide rods, cams, pulleys, cables, handgrips, and miscellaneous parts will be warranted for a period of one year. Frame and weights will be warranted lifetime. Upholstery, foam-molded pads and naugahyde upholstery, will be warranted for 90 days.

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