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Hack Squat de baleros lineales

ID PPL-965
Hack Squat de baleros lineales
Hack Squat de baleros lineales
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Proformance Plus PPL-965 Hack Squat - The Proformance Plus Linear Bearing Hack Squat by TuffStuff offers an alternative to barbell squatting that attacks the quads more directly while supporting the lower back. Think of the hack squat machine as a hybrid exercise somewhere in between a barbell squat and a leg press. You move your torso through space as with a squat, which some in the exercise science community have postulated may stimulate positive metabolic changes like the production of growth hormone. You also receive the back bracing benefit of a leg press, as your back is supported throughout. With no forward lean due to the backrest, posterior chain involvement is lessened with hack squats. Though they do work the entire leg musculature, including quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves, the rigid back position forces the quads to work the hardest. This offers a distinct advantage to bodybuilders and physique competitors seeking to bring up the quads, specifically the vastus medialis muscles.

The Proformance Plus Hack Squat offers a biomechanically correct 35 angle of travel on a linear bearing carriage system with a starting weight of 90 pounds. The oversized convex footplate design provides correct ankle and knee positioning in order to minimize joint stress. Conveniently located dual safety catches and release handles ensure a safe start and end position, while built-in support handles add stability during the movement. Accomplished squatters who are using the hack squat to supplement their leg training will appreciate the 14.5 weight horns with ample room for Olympic plate loading. Convenient plate storage on the machine also comes as a standard feature.

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