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Multi Hip Gluteo

Multi Hip Gluteo
Multi Hip Gluteo
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The Inflight Multi Hip Machine (CT-MHP) is a powerful fitness tool that makes it easy to complete a gym quality leg weight training circuit at home or at the gym. 

  • Made from commercial grade materials, the Inflight Multi Hip Machine makes it easy to develop the important hip abductor and adductor muscles using slow, controlled movements.
  • The compact design and easy access weight stack makes this machine a great choice for strength training the hip area, offering a safe and adjustable way to work this tough area.
  • Along with being easy to use and operate, the Inflight Multi Hip Machine is also easily adjustable for different heights and sizes.


The machine was designed with a stable, skid free platform that keeps you safe, while also providing the support you need to complete the movements.  With the Inflight Multi Hip Machine’s inner and outer thigh lift options, you can get a full strength training workout for each of the critical muscles in your hips and thighs, all in one machine.

The Inflight Multi Hip Machine (CT-MHP) is also small enough to use at home, yet rugged and tough enough to stand up to workouts in a gym setting as well.


Inflight Multi Hip Machine Features

The Inflight Multi Hip Machine (CT-MHP) features include an easily adjustable foam pad, which allows for seven different setting options for hip extensions and flexor movements.  The thigh pad is easy to adjust for a variety of height differences, and the dual rubber grip handles offer an additional stability option.  The handles also make it easy to assume proper positioning so that your form is always right. 

  • The non-skid platform and easy to access weight stack make the Inflight Multi Hip Machine a safe and reliable tool in your fitness program.
  • The heavy duty frame is treated with a non-corrosive coating so that it resists scratching and dings, and so it will stand up to tough workouts and everyday wear and tear.
  • In addition to offering a stable platform, the Inflight Multi Hip Machine also features premium upholstery that is designed to be highly durable and protected against tears and damage.


Additional Inflight Multi Hip Machine Benefits

The Inflight Multi Hip Machine holds a weight stack of up to 150 pounds, making it easy to develop your strength and increase weight, as you need it.  Offering a full circuit of training for the inner thigh, outer thigh and hip flexors, the Inflight Multi Hip Machine is a great addition to any fitness room.


Inflight Multi Hip Machine Warranty

The Inflight Multi Hip Machine (CT-MHP) has a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on all cables.  The fabric and upholstery has a 90-day warranty.

CT-MHP HIP/GLUTE Inner thigh, outer thigh, hip flexor and glute 43”(W) x 41”(L) x 57”(H) (109cm x 104cm x 145cm) 387 lbs.(175kg) 
Weight stack 150 lbs. (68kg) 
 Pad adjusts to seven different settings for hip extension and flexion movements.
 Easily adjustable thigh pad accommodates a variety of height differences.
 Dual rubber grip handles for stability and proper positioning. 
 Non-skid platform
. Easy access weight stack. 
 Space saving design.


  • Smooth Movement - Extensive use of 1" shafts and ABEC rated ball bearings at exercise pivot points assures smooth movement.
  • Frame - All frames feature 2" x 4" attractive flat oval tubing electrostatically powder coated a rich platinum color that complements modern cardio equipment.
  • Exercise Placards Included - All machines come with easy to understand exercise instruction placards.
  • Grips - Non-absorbent, UV resistant, closed cell foam grips are finished with machined aluminum grip caps to prevent wear while looking great.
  • Comfort - Seat & back pads are 40 - 45 durometer HR foam contoured for comfort and lumbar support with sewn vinyl covers for a tailored look.
  • Steel Weight Plates - The cast steel weight plates are warranted for life against breakage. They move on 1" rubber capped floating guide rods with self-aligning plastic bushings and rubber weight stack cushions at the base to reduce noise.
  • Easy Maintenance - Cable tension is easily maintained with the cam washer above the weight stack.


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