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La Maquina Multipress de Inflight Fitness es perfecta para fortalecer los musculos de la zona de los hombros y pecho. 

Esta Maquina Multifuncional, hace facil completar una gran variedad de ejercicios populares, incluyendo prensa de hombro, prensa de pecho inclinado , prensa de pecho plano y declinado. 

  • Ofreciendo confort y solidez en una maquina , el Multipress de Inflight, es una gran eleccion para aquellos que quieren sacarle jugo a su equipo de Fitness.
  • With smart features such as a pivoting back pad for extra support and an adjustable seat for varying heights, the Inflight Multi Press Machine is perfect for use in a fitness center or a home gym.
  • Providing the ability to complete multiple exercises on the same machine, the Inflight Multi Press Machine offers a high level of value for those who want the most versatility and reliability out of their equipment.


Inflight Multi Press Machine Features

The Inflight Multi Press Machine (CT-MPS) holds a weight stack of up to 200 pounds, so you can always get what you need when it comes to increasing your weight.  The machine makes it easy to switch from shoulder, incline, chest and decline presses, so you can get a full shoulder and chest workout without having to utilize multiple machines. 

  • The adjustable seat also makes it easy to find the ideal height for your body, allowing for smooth customization of your workout.
  • Built to support several different types of exercises, the Inflight Multi Press Machine is the perfect compact, multi-functional weight lifting machine for those who are limited on space or who simply want a better way to develop their chest and shoulder muscles.


The pivoting back pad and durable construction of the Inflight Multi Press Machine provides the comfort and security that you need when weight training.  The machine is also easy for all sizes and fitness levels to operate and requires very little maintenance.


Additional Inflight Multi Press Machine Benefits

The Inflight Multi Press Machine (CT-MPS) offers versatility and a comfortable bench that makes it easy to complete all of your reps without missing a beat. 

Thanks to the commercial grade materials utilized during the manufacturing process and the intelligent design from the experts at Inflight, the Inflight Multi Press Machine is a great option either at the gym or at home.  The machine stands up well with very little maintenance or upkeep, and is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety while you’re working out.


Inflight Multi Press Machine Warranty

The Inflight Multi Press Machine includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on parts.  The upholstery has a warranty of 90 days.

CT-MPS MULTI-PRESS 41.75"(W) x 67.75"(L) x 81.25"(H) 106cm x 172cm x 206cm 411 lbs. (187kg) Weight stack 200 lbs. (91kg) Shoulder, Incline, Chest and Decline Presses. Pivoting Back Pad supports each exercise. Height adjustable seat.

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