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Smith Machine con Contrapesos

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Smith Machine con Contrapesos
Smith Machine con Contrapesos
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The Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine provides a counterbalanced bar that is designed to help you move smoothly through each repetition with the added challenge of a weight bar.  The Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine is the ultimate freestanding weight rack that is a popular, compact option for home gyms, hotels, fitness studios and schools. 

  • This state of the art counter balance machine makes it easy to add or remove weight as you need it, and offers six different weight horn options for the most flexible workout around.
  • Thanks to the smart design by Inflight that includes high quality ball bearings and industrial-grade metals, the smooth movement provided by the Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine is one of the best that you can get in weight training.
  • Combining state of the art materials with impressive design and other smart details, the Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine is the ultimate in multifunction strength training machines.


Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine Features

The Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine was designed with ABEC-rated ball bearings and features flat oval tubing treated with an electrostatically charged powder for an attractive platinum color.  Each machine is made with commercial made materials and is built to stand up to even the busiest fitness center, home gym or school location. 

  • Fitness enthusiasts and weight lifting experts alike will appreciate everything that the Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine has to offer.
  • The sleek compact design of this state of the art fitness machine fits easily into just about any space, making it a great solution for many homes, commercial gyms and other areas where space may be limited. 
  • Offering both versatility and easy maintenance that busy gym owners will appreciate; the Inflight Counter Balanced Smith Machine is a solid choice for those looking for the best workout value for their money. 


The durable and corrosion-resistant materials used in this latest innovative design from Inflight make this a high quality option that will last through even the toughest workouts.


Additional Inflight Balanced Smith Machine Benefits

The Inflight Balanced Smith Machine includes Loos USA 4000# rated cables with corrosion resistant stainless steel ends for a consistently smoother movement while in use.  The result is one of the quietest, yet most efficient counterbalance machines that you’ve ever used from one of the top selling fitness brands on the market.


Inflight Balanced Smith Machine Warranty Info

The Inflight Balanced Smith Machine comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and the welds, and a 1-year warranty on the cables, pulleys and all moving parts.  This is in addition to the lifetime warranty offered on the steel plates, offering protection in the event of breakage. Take your smith machine experience to another level of modern fitness potential with the Counter Balanced Smith Machine from Inflight Fitness.

SMITH MACHINE 50"(W) x 78.2"(L) x 84"(H) 127cm x 198.62cm x 213cm 499 lbs. (227kg) Counterbalanced bar. Six weight horns standard. Smooth travel on 1" linear ball bearings. Safety stops.

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